Strictly Swing Competitions - $40 per couple

The Stricty Swing Competitions are designed to showcase a competitor's social dance skills with a chosen partner.

  • Competitors enter as a couple.
  • All dancing in the Strictly Swing competitions is to be lead/follow.
  • Contest music and the order in which it is played will be selected by the Head DJs.
  • Costumes are prohibited, though coordinating attire is permissible.
  • An announcement will be made at the competitors meeting as to whether a finals round will be required.
  • All rounds will be danced in heats.

West Coast Swing

  • No routines, lifts, aerials, planned entrances or exits are allowed.
  • Breakaways and drops are permitted.

Lindy Hop

  • No routines, planned exits or entrances are allowed.
  • Lifts, aerials, drops and breakaways are permitted, but not required.