Competitor's Responsibilities

  • Competitors must demonstrate good sportsmanship, both on and off the competition floor.
  • Competitors should read the competiton rules prior to attending the competitors meetings. Competitors are responsible for adhering to these rules, regardless of whether they have read them or not.
  • Competitors must attend all competitors meetings related to their event. Any contestant who does not attend the meetings for a specific event will not be permitted to compete in the event.
  • At any meeting, a couple may choose to be represented by one member. However, both members are fully responsible for all matters, as if they had both attended.
  • Each competitor must sign the appropriate waiver before competing. No competitor will be permitted to compete without a signed waiver.
  • Competitors should be in the ballroom at least 10 minutes prior to the start of a competition.
  • Competitors may attend a scoring review after the awards ceremony to examine their scores and discuss the event with the Contest Coordinator.

Organizer's Responsibilities

  • The organizer will select a panel of judges.
  • The organizer will appoint a Contest Coordinator as the official representative of the organizer.
  • The Contest Coordinator will resolve all waiver requests and clarify any competition-related questions that arise during the event.
  • The organizer will clearly post the time and location for all competitors meetings.
  • Results will be posted after the awards ceremony.
  • Should any significant changes in the schedule be required, these changes will be announced and clearly posted.
  • The organizer will award all trophies and prizes for each of the competitions.
  • The organizer may, at its discretion, cancel any competition for which it feels insufficient entries have been received.