Bill & Shannon

Shannon Butler grew up in St. Paul MN and started dancing at the age of 4 when her mother and grandmother began teaching her the Jitterbug, Charleston, Collegiate Shag and other dances of their youth. Since then, Shannon danced in a nationally televised commercial, taught Collegiate Shag at Camp Hollywood and performed on stage with dance legends Betty Wood, Norma Miller, the Nicholas Brothers and others. Shannon has been dancing, teaching and performing various fad and American vernacular dances since the mid 1990s, she has taught and judged competitions across the country.

Bill learned to dance to meet women and after 4 lessons he met Shannon at a Vibro Champs show in Minneapolis. That was over 10 years ago and the rest is history. He has embraced the dances that Shannon has always loved especially Collegiate Shag and 20's Charleston which are Shannon's grandmother favorite dances. Recently they were very happy to be finalist in the Collegiate Shag Division at 2007 Camp Hollywood National Jitterbug Championships as this was their first time competing together, and Bill's very first competition.

Since getting married in May of 2002, Shannon and Bill have lived in St. Paul, Minnesota and have been teaching and performing in St Paul and Minneapolis as well as nationally. They teach every Wednesday at Lee's Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis and Minnesota Music Cafe every Thursday in St Paul. They also teach community education dance classes throughout the year around the Twin Cities.