Davis & Gen

Davis Thurber is a world traveler. He enjoys spreading the joy of Jazz culture, dancing, choreographing, performing, competing, and playing music. He grew up in Nashua, NH, learned to dance in Boston, MA, got a degree in Music from Boston College, and now is spending a lot of time in Montreal. He has won countless dance competitions and has performed in many shows including the recreation of Hellzapoppin for Frankie95. When he isn’t dancing, Davis runs his own video website (LindyHopVideo.com), and his own property company (Thurber Properties).

Gen St-Lo is a Lindy Hop nut. She started dancing in 2005 and since then, she's always on the road and ready to rock the floor. Gen is known for her playfulness, elegance and boundless energy. She's not afraid to talk, and has lots to say. She loves the way Lindy Hop combines the conversation between two people and freedom of movement. Gen regularly teaches in Montreal and also teaches abroad, having toured Canada and visited the U.S. and France in the past year to spread her passion. She loves to take care of her students and tackles each learning challenge with positive energy and an infectious smile. With her two teams, Swing Connexion & Northern Lights, her many dance partners and dance projects like Montreal Swing Riot, Gen is always looking for new ways to give back to the Lindy Hop community.