Andy & Nina

Nina Gilkenson and Andy Reid are some of the most well known and respected teachers, performers, and competitors in the international Lindy Hop scene. Since 2003, Nina and Andy have been traveling the world together inspiring dancers with their knowledge and love of the dance. Between them, Nina and Andy can lay claim to more than 25 national Lindy Hop titles from some of the most prestigious swing dancing competitions in the world, including the International Lindy Hop Championships, the American Lindy Hop Championships, Hellzapoppin', and the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown. Performance credits include television appearances on PBS; Apollo Theatre; Lincoln Center and concert performances with the Brian Setzer Orchestra and Aretha Franklin. Their classes focus on authentic Lindy Hop technique, musical interpretation and the history and future of the dance.

Nina and Andy are two of the founding members of Silver Shadows, a dance troupe that helps set the bar for the height of Lindy Hop group performance. Nina and Andy are also founding members of The Jam Cellar, a groundbreaking dance party and troupe in Washington, DC.

When Andy and Nina are not dancing together, you can often see her drop kicking him. In fact, sometimes she dropkicks him while dancing in front of hundreds of people who paid a lot of money to watch. Life is funny sometimes.