March 17 – 21st, 2016

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Note: Images are from 2015 event

Boston Newton Marriott — Newton, MA

Boston Newton Marriott — Newton, MA

March 17 – 21st, 2016

2016 Boston Tea Party Swing Dance staff (Click title for bios)

Lindy Hop Staff:

Andy Reid & Nina Gilkenson

Gaby Cook & Nathan Bugh

Zack Richard & Lunou Samson Poirot

Dave Frutos & Kim Clever

Daryl Begin & Jennifer Stout

Nick Williams & Nikki Marvin

Todd Yannacone & Laura Keat

David Rehm

Robert White & Kate Hedin

Adam Speen & Abigail Browning


West Coast Swing Staff:

Robert Royston

Ben Morris & Victoria Henk

John Lindo & Jessica Cox

Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe

Arjay Centeno & Tara Trafzer
PJ Turner & Tashina Beckmann

Brent Key & Nikki Kontoulas

John Festa & Blake Hobby

Micheal Kielbasa

Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay

John Kirkconnell & Alyssa Glanville

Angel Figueroa

Doug & Nicki Silton

Bill Cameron

Masters of ceremonies:

Robert Royston

Mark Kihara

2016 Band Lineup


GDPIA Instructor Training (Website enabled)

March 18, 2016  10AM – 3PM

Instructor: PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann


Please email PJ and Tashina at

Level of Certification:  Intermediate level training

Global PDIA (Professional Dance Instructors Association) was founded to  maintain a standard of teaching that has been set forth by top reputable professionals in all styles of Partner Dancing. It is designed to aid in giving you the tools as an instructor to better explain, demonstrate and teach any movement related to dance.

Robert Royston Intensive

Cross-training, cross-training, cross-training


Learn what other dance styles and techniques you should know to improve your West Coast Swing!


Most of the top dancers in the West Coast Swing world have had cross- training in other styles of dance.  In this intensive we will take a look at some of the most important techniques from dance styles such as Ballroom, Latin, Jazz and Ballet!


A must take 4 hours!  This is the first time Robert will be teaching this class on the East Coast, don't miss it!


Sign up on the Registration page.

Early registration price: $100.00

Price at the door: $115.00

2016 Staff

Some of the greatest instructors, DJ's, Bands, Judges and event staff from around the country!


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